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What is Appli-Bond?

Appli-bond is a unique appliqué technique that allows you to create 3-Dimensional motifs. It is quick and easy because turning and sewing edges are eliminated. Two layers of fabric are bonded together and the design is cut on the line with no seam allowance. If you have bonded the fabric properly you will not have fraying even when washed and dried, and you will be able to curl and shape the pieces.

In the past I have concentrated on designing flowers, but have recently discovered the benefit of Appli-bond when creating fish, and birds. This technique allows you to construct any appliqué piece with dimension. Combine it with traditional appliqué and see how the dimension adds to the realism of the quilt.

Bonding the Fabric

It is essential that you use HeatnBond® Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive (no substitutions) as your bonding agent. It is an adhesive as oppose to a fusible web, therefore you will not have fraying because all the fibers will be glued together. The fact that it is an adhesive also allows you to curl and shape the pieces. You heat the piece, thus melting the glue. Shape it and hold it until it is cool, the glue hardens and the shape is retained. You must use the UltraHold. You cannot curl or shape with the light product.

Here's some general information to help when bonding fabrics:

  • Iron the fabrics to be bonded to eliminate wrinkles. I do no pre-wash my fabrics. Test the fabric to see that it will not bleed. To help eliminate wrinkles, spray the fabric with sizing. When considering fabric choices, remember, there are three combinations you could use.
  1. Wrong sides together
  2. Right side to wrong side
  3. Two different fabrics
  • To bond the fabrics, set a dry iron on cotton and follow the manufactures instructions. Cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of HeatnBond® UltraHold Iron-On Adhesive the exact same size. Iron the HeatnBond® to the wrong side of one fabric piece. Let the piece cool before you remove the paper backing. After the paper has been removed, bond the two fabric pieces, wrong sides together. Trace you template on the bonded fabric and cut the desired number of pieces on the line leaving no seam allowance. Attach motifs according to the instructions given in the patterns.