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Nantucket Hydrangea

Students are instructed to come to class the 1st day with their basket tubes cut and sewn. The basket is then woven and attached to the background. The 2nd day is devoted to appli-bonding the hydrangea blossoms, needle-turn applique, stem construction and finishing touches. (A sewing machine is not needed!)

Size: 26" x 31"
Time to Complete: 2 days

Needs List - Tools

  • Required pattern ($5.00/each)*
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Fabric scissors *
  • Paper scissors
  • White marking pencil*
  • Blue water-soluble pen*
  • Template material (or pre-cut templates*)
  • Template marking pencil
  • Cutting board / rotary cutter / ruler
  • Celtic bias bars *
  • Appliqué / straw needles*
  • Appli-bond needles*
  • Embroidery needles
  • Embroidery floss:  green, cream, beige
  • White glass seed beads (optional)*
  • Gold metallic thread Thread to match fabrics
  • Glue baste-it or glue stick*

* These products will be available for purchase in class.

Needs List - Fabrics (Flowers & Leaves)

For flowers and leaves

  • ¼ yd each of 4 shades of fabric for Hydrangeas
  • Background fabric 27" x 30"
  • Assorted green fabric for leaves
  • 1 yard Heat N Bond Ultra Hold Iron on Adhesive
  • ¼ yard for binding

Needs List - Fabrics (Basket)

  • 1 yard fabric for basket
  • ¾" x 8" strip wood grain fabric for basket base
  • ½ yd fleece or flannel

An iron and ironing surface would be very helpful.

Complete kits are available in class for $50.00. The kit includes the requied $10.00 pattern, all fabrics, HeatNBond, fleece and embridry floss. Please let me know the number in advance.

In order to devote more class time to the construction of the basket, please cut, sew and press the vertical and horizontal tubes for the basket, as instructed below, before class. Consequently, you will not have to bring your sewing machine to class.

The staves are the vertical basket strips.
The fillers are the horizontal basket strips.

Basket Fabrics

  • Staves 1 ½" x 44" ( cut 8 )
  • Fillers: 1 ¼" x 44" ( cut 7 )
  • Rim: 1 1/8" x 15" ( cut 1 )
  • Base: ¾" x 8" ( cut 1 wood grain fabric)
  • Handle: 1 ½" x 28" bias strip. Note that true bias is not necessary.


  1. Without pressing in the crease, fold the strips for the staves, the fillers, and the handle lengthwise, wrong sides together. Sew along the raw edges with a ¼" seam allowance. Trim the allowance to 1/8".
  2. Cut the stave tubes in quarters ( approximately 11" each) and the filler tubes in thirds (approximately 14 ½" each).
  3. Be sure to keep the staves and the fillers separate.
  4. Using the appropriate bias bar, press the tubes so that the seams fall in the center back of the tubes, not along the edges.


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