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Bowl of Roses & Geraniums

This block is part of the Baltimore Album quilt. I highly recommend that you use the kit as I am sure you are going to want to make the rest of the quilt once you see how easy and effective this block is. By using the kit you will be certain that the background and other fabrics will match. The cost of this kit would be deducted from the price of the whole kit if you wish to continue. View the entire quilt here. Complete kits for the Bowl of Roses and Geraniums are $15. The kit includes the required $5.00 pattern, all fabrics, the Heat N Bond, an Appli-bond needle, glass beads and embroidery floss.

Size: 10" X 10"
Time to Complete: 5 - 6 hours

Needs List: Tools

  • Required pattern ($5.00/each)*
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • White marking pencil*
  • Blue water soluble pen*
  • Cutting board / rotary cutter / ruler
  • Appliqué / straw needles*
  • Appli-bond needles*
  • Embroidery floss: green and yellow
  • Thread to match bowl
  • Glass beads: yellow*
  • Template material (* or pre-cut templates) *

* These products will be available for purchase in class.

Needs List: Fabrics

  • Background : 1/3 yd
  • Geranium and Rose petals: 1/8 yd each: pink, red, yellow, white and purple
  • Vase: 1/8 yd
  • Leaves: 4 shades of green, 1/8 yd each shade
  • Heat n Bond® ultra hold iron on adhesive (no substitutions): 1/4 yd*

* These products will be available for purchase in class.

Sewing machines are not needed. An iron and ironing surface would be very helpful.

Kits are highly recommended. They allow the student to complete more in class. Please let me know the number of kits required in advance.

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