I'm an iquilt.com Instructor!!!

iQuilt online classesI am thrilled to announce the unveiling of "iquilt" online classes produced by AQS. Click the link below and see how easy it is to purchase my class that you can enjoy, watch, pause, replay and own for the rest of your life. I chose the Bald Eagle to be my first class because it is fun, easy and very impressive (complete kits are available). The instructions are detailed, it's like having me all to yourself in your home.

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Welcome to Petal Play, my kind of gardening

We've Bonded!Come garden with me. No weeds ... guaranteed!

Whether you are a beginning quilter or an expert in appliqué, my 3-D Appli-bond© technique will allow you to add exciting realistic three-dimensional appliqué to your quilts.

Appli-bond© is the fusing of two pieces of fabric together and allows you to create dimension without turning any edges. All you do is bond the fabric, trace the template, cut the shape and apply the bonded pieces to the background with an embroidery stitch. It's really that simple!

By the way, these quilts can go in to the washer and dryer. They will not lose their shape or curl if bonded properly.

Petal Play offers a large variety of products including patterns, Books, pre-cut petals, needles, kits, templates and a number of very helpful notions. Please view our catalog for a complete listing.

I have never enjoyed gardening but I love flowers. Appli-bond© allows me to create a weed-free garden that blooms all year (in addition to flowers this technique is very effective for birds and fish. Check our catalog for new additions).

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Looking for a teacher?

I would love to teach or lecture at your guild or shop. Give me a call at 352-307-5278 or email me. Joanshay@petalplay.com