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Appli-Bond Video

Joan has created a detailed how to video on her exciting, new and easy appliqué technique which she calls Appli-bond©.

Appli-bond is the fusing of 2 or more layers of fabric together with a bonding material. The pieces are attached to the background fabric with various embroidery stitches and the edges remain free creating a sophisticated, realistic 3-D appearance. With this technique you are able to construct flowers, fish and birds that would be very difficult to achieve with traditional appliqué.

This 37 min. video is for quilters of all levels.

Your DVD player must be able to play DVD-R format. Most newer players have this capability.

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To get a quick start on your Appli-bond project order our Video Starter Package. It includes the DVD Video, Geranium Pattern, 3 Appli-bond needles and Heat-n-Bond Ultra Hold Iron on Adhesive. A $35.00 value for $25.00 including shipping.

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